Unlike other consumer products that are less acceptable fresh meats. Because fresh meat will be tough. Unlike meat marinated meat is healthier than fresh, soft and delicious.

Most appropriate for there are two kinds of stilling system and a steak Dry Aged (Dry Resting) system is. Other systems Aged Wet (Wet Resting) system.

Wet resting and brought into 2-4 portions of steak are very well placed to rest for 2-3 weeks intervals in a vacuum bag process. We are resting in the dry Agee carcass meat portions at 0 degrees without special Dry Age 28-30 day range of 80% humidity in the cabinet. After resting and tastier meat is happening.

During the rest of the reason for the soft chewy meat by breaking down muscle fibers in the meat of the enzyme in the flesh it is going to make it easier. The reason for the delicious while resting stem from turning into amino acids of the protein molecules apart.